Must Tries in Jeffery’s Bay

If you are heading to the coast for a summer vacation, you are in luck for food. Jeffery’s Bay has so many delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only is all the food absolutely mouth watering, its all fairly affordable as well. So here is my list of must tries in Jeffery’s Bay, South Africa.

  • J-Bay Bru Co

J-Bay Bru Co is at the top of my list. They are part of the in foods chain that dominates Jeffery’s Bay Village, and for good reason. Although their menu is not the most diverse but what they do have they make with such care. If you love burgers, you are in luck. On Thursdays they are half price but full on delicious. Made fresh every morning are the ciabatta buns that they are placed on and their homemade basting sauce for the meat makes them juicy and fantastic. Their pizzas are also to die for. Half prices on Tuesdays and wood fired on stone ground flour with only the freshest ingredients. Not only is their food A+, but the service is out of this world. Our waitress always greeted us with a sincere smile and was quick with our food. We also made good friends with the two bartenders, Jackson and Malvin. They were the main reason we kept coming back. Always helpful with suggesting drinks and brought such interesting conversation to the table. We spent hours there just talking to them and enjoying the beautiful scenery.  If you eat any place in the village, I highly recommend J-Bay Bru Co.

The Bru Burger with Chips !
  • Nina’s Real Food –

If you are someone who likes a lot of options, Nina’s is the place to go. Their menu is so diverse ranging from steaks to burgers to Thai food to oxtail. Everything they make is fresh and divine. Their homemade sauces truly give a kick to each meal and their servers are quit friendly. They also offer a 2 for 1 happy hour everyday from 4-6pm so if you like to have a drink like me, this is the spot to be. Now not only are their entrees delicious, their ice cream is out of this world. Made with full cream milk, it’s probably the best ice cream I have ever tasted. All made in house with plenty of new flavors and only R 29 per container; it’s the best bang for your buck.

Drinks on the first night !
  • In Foods Deli

If you love coffee and freshly baked goodies, In Foods Deli location is the place to be. Freshly baked breads, cupcakes, carrot cake, brownies, and much more great you as you walk in. The smell of delicious coffee fills the room as you walk through the small indoor sitting section. As you walk to the outside, you are under a breath-taking gazebo with flowers and vines all around you. The wait staff brings you menus with a smile; it is truly like being in paradise. The food selection isn’t the widest but its all the best ingredients with healthy options on each side. But the true star of the deli has to be their freshly baked breads and their coffee. It’s truly a beautiful location to relax and sip on your morning drinks.

Divine carrot cake and black coffee !
  • Brewhaha

A small microbrewery in the heart of downtown, Brewhaha not only has a wide selection of beers but their food is also delicious. We stumbled upon this place while looking for another brewery but their outdoors and music persuaded us to check it out. We tried some beers all locally made with salads on the side to try and pretend we were being healthy. The chicken was so nicely seasoned and the salad it self was anything but basic. Fresh avocados, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and more balanced the bacon and chicken on top. You can sit outside and although it’s right on the street it doesn’t take you out of the beach experience. They also had a delicious craft whisky, and I hate whisky normally but this one really made me rethink my dislike. Hands down one of the coolest places we checked out.

Diverse menu !
  • Vismandjie

If you like fish and chips, you are in luck. Vismandjie is the spot for the freshest hake and the crispiest of chips. At a great price too! For under R50 you get a huge serving of deep fired or grilled hake with chips on the side and a homemade sauce. Not the healthiest option, but its one you cannot pass up if you are in town!

View from outside tables !

      This is my list of must tries in Jeffery’s Bay. You will not be disappointed in the food or services!

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