Days in South Africa-Storms River

As our trip was coming to end, I couldn’t help but crave one last adventure. I needed to see a bit more of the continent that was slowly taking over my heart. This time, our adventure landed us at Storms River; abut an hour out from where we were staying. It is a national park showcasing two beautiful mountains that have the ocean running through them where people can bungee jump, kayak, and hike up the steep path.

Storms River

We arrived around 12 pm for lunch before hitting the hiking trail. I had seen some photos but nothing could prepare me for the gorgeous sight in front of me. The ocean waves crashed against the rocky shores. The water flowed so elegantly up the stream, taking those who kayaked to an unknown world. It was the most amazing sight I had ever experienced. We walked up to the restaurant, which was just a cloth tent covering a bunch of tables, and chose the perfect seat. Luckily it wasn’t that hard to choose because each table had an ocean view. I ordered ribs and my fiancée had an award winning burger as well as a Heineken to wash it down. I could have sat there for hours just staring at the waves rising and falling to the shore, but my heart was begging to see what there was to offer on that mountain.

My fiancee climbing rocks over the shore

We began our hike, stopping to take some photos of us climbing on the large rock formations 10 feet above the water. Every turn, every corner had so much to offer. We hiked up past a small waterfall, over the huge suspension bridge that hung 22 feet above the sea, and up the mountain with a goal of reaching the top. The sun was beating down on us but no amount of sweat and sunburn could stop me. I was in pure heaven. You couldn’t hear the sound of any civilization near by, just the ocean waves and the birds singing to us. The hike lasted about an hour and a half, with us stopping to take photos every few turns. No words could ever describe the true beauty that was captured that day.

Suspension Bridge

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