Prepping for Spring

Ah spring, the best time of year. I adore seeing my brown trees be brought back to life as the days become longer and the weather is a bit warmer. Not to mention the true beauty the Earth shows when the flowers start to bloom. I sit here and dream of all the days I will get to spend in my garden making our home look beautiful inside and out. As I do this, I begin thinking how I will start preparing for this gorgeous season.

Out with the Cold:

First things first, I put away all my winter clothing. Its time to ditch my huge down padded coat for a more lightweight jean jacket. I can finally bring out my thin long sleeve shirts and even some cute button up t-shirts. I love spring because it’s not too hot outside yet but I don’t feel like my whole body is about to freeze the second I step out the door. I can wear my jeans with a stylish t-shirt and a layered jacket and not feel like I am too under dressed. Putting away my winter clothing brings a sense of joy I cannot even begin to explain.

Brighten up Your Space:

It is time for the flowers and plants to begin taking over my space. I kicked off the start of spring with some beautiful lilies to brighten up our kitchen space and bring a beautiful aroma to the air. I love this season because you can watch the trees transform everyday, which brings such beautiful colors to your area. Flowers and plants begin to fill the rooms in my house which really brings on such a cheerful feeling all around.

Another thing I love to do to brighten up our space is begin working on my garden. This year I am going all in with making a beautiful outdoor area. I spent all week pulling weeds and picking up the leaves that were crushing all my beautiful plants. Spending this time outdoors is so relaxing and healthy. I am getting in a lot of physical labor while sunbathing I love it! I am excited to see my plants bloom and make our outdoor space bright and beautiful.

Reorganizing Your Space:

Spring is also a time to start cleaning! Wiping up all the dust your heat has spread everywhere during the brutal winter and allowing yourself a fresh start. This year I took cleaning to a whole new level. We spent the day moving our bed out off the room and doing a deep dive on the dust bunnies that consumed the area. Another major change this year was going through all our clothing and items we had been hoarding. By taking this opportunity to reorganize and clean, it gave up a new chance to move out some items we forgot about that were clogging up so much space. Making sure your home is not only clean but organized is such a stress reliever.

Spring is the best time of the year to start fresh if your New Years resolutions fell flat. This new start helps keep a calm and relaxed mindset which leads to a healthy life.

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Hello! My name is Alyssa Aurora. I am a 20 year old living in North Carolina, USA . Follow my journey as I travel and tell you about the ins and outs of moving on my own at a young age!

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